Loveable Look-a-Like dolls are comfort dolls and security dolls with the image and voice of loved ones for children and adults.Ease bereavement and separation anxiety


When You'll Need a
Loveable Look-a-Like

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Comfort your child with the face and voice of a missed one
Keep Your Military Member Close at Heart
A Loveable Look-a-Like Doll dressed in camouflage attire is a great gift for children in military families. A special, huggable doll with the face of the person you love can help you feel closer to the person you miss.
Give a Loveable Look-a-Like to the child or spouse of a military member on assignment,
or send a Look-a-Like Doll as a gift to someone in the military who would love a reminder of children or family at home. Someone will be glad you did. 
Order our original Loveable Look-a-Like doll with the face you choose hot  stamped on our soft, cotton 24" doll. Or customize your doll with special order, hand-sewn doll clothes. Add a personal message on a re-recordable voice chip, that safely tucks inside your doll's hand for a small additional cost. Squeeze your doll's hand and hear your special message! 
Original Loveable Look-a-Like Dolls come dressed in hand-sewn jeans and a white polo shirt, a familiar outfit in most families. Or order Loveable Look-a-Like's hand-sewn, two-piece camouflage outfit, Visit our doll shop or read our FAQ to see how you can personalize a doll's shirt, child's shirt, adult shirt or a voice recordable microchip.
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Loveable Look-a-Like dolls| comfort dolls, security dolls with the image and voice of loved ones. Ease bereavement and separation anxiety