Loveable Look-a-Like dolls are comfort dolls and security dolls with the image and voice of loved ones for children and adults.Ease bereavement and separation anxiety


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Loveable Look-a-Like

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Loveable Look-a-Like Dolls Are Making A Difference
Comfort, Security, Reassurance and Fun for Children and Adult

Have you ever wished you could clone yourself and be there to comfort and reassure children, family members and friends whenever they need you

Loveable Look-a-Like Dolls are the answer! Personalize them with your face — or any face  you choose —  and use our voice chip to leave a loving message, sing a song, or say a prayer. These dolls bring comfort and loving reminders to children, grandparents friends, and sweethearts. And they even help support memories for adults with Alzhiemer’s. 

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Personalized with the photo face you send us, our baby-safe, 24", durable and washable Loveable Look-a-Like Dolls are made of soft, white cotton. We hot stamp the face of the loveable person you choose on a doll, so it becomes a personalized representation of you or the person your child, parent or friend loves and admires... 

Loveable Look-a-Like dolls| comfort dolls, security dolls with the image and voice of loved ones. Ease bereavement and separation anxiety